Mag -Lab s.c.
Magnetic non-destructive testing technics (NDT)

  • Mag-Lab develops new magnetic methods of NDT of ferromagnetic steels.

  • Mag-Lab manufactures and purchases the NDT measuring sets of its original design and construction.

  • Mag-Lab  puts prime on the evaluation of steel quality and residual stress applying Barkhausen effect. 

  • Mag-Lab  perfects magnetic field leakage method  of crack detection.

Our address

.Mag-Lab aims at:
  • elaboration of new methods of magnetic NDT of steels, focusing on evaluation of quality and residual stress level of steels and on crack detection;

  • designing and manufacturing of magnetic  NDT apparatus;
  • NDT measurements and expertises;
  •  co-operation  with industries in order to refine magnetic  NDT technics.


Our products can be applied for:

   measurement of  the magnetic field strength

  • MPM-1 - measures peak values of magnetic field ; 
    magnetic flux leakage analysis 
  • MPR-H2 - detects and estimates dimensions of flaws situated close to the surface; 
    assessment of  steel  quality and  residual stress
  • AEB-1 - Barkhausen effect analyser; 
  • MEB-2c - measures the intensity of Barkhausen effect;
  • Our original software enhances application of AEB-1 and MEB-2c and allow material identification and biaxial stress evaluation.


Our address:

Mag-Lab s.c.
 ul. Sztormowa 1A m.6
80-335 GDAŃSK-Żabianka
tel./fax: (048) 58 557 82 44
mobile: +48 601 32 31 08, +48 601 32 30 18,


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