Barkhausen effect meter MEB-2c

The meter measures three quantities: 
  • the Barkhausen effect (BE) signal voltage effective level, 
  • the number of  BE pulses, 
  • amplitude of  control voltage signal.

  • Barkhausen effect meter type MEB-2c. User manual download (PDF 365 kB)

    MEB-2c parameters setting guide download (PDF 193 kB)

The amplification of BE voltage analyser and BE pulses counter threshold level are adjustable.The differential measurement of effective voltage allows detection of local change of BE properties.Three output signals are sent via RS232 to a PC and subsequently transformed with software into information about material quality and residual stress level.

The meter weight and dimensions are particularly reduced. Internal battery and high rate of measurements make it perfectly portable and useful in industrial applications.

The meter allows quick evaluation of  steel quality and residual stress level.